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A message from Apostle Dan...

Apostles Dan & Lynette Andrews

Apostle Lynette and I are excited to be making a difference in the Pottstown community and region. The challenges stretch us, but God faithfully gives fresh vision and direction, and Hebrews 11:8 reminds us to continue to obey God just as Abraham obeyed God when he was called to go, so he went, without knowing where he was going.

We began New Birth Life Church to serve God and others. It is a center for community revival prayer meetings, a venue for prophets and apostles, and a place where seekers are welcome to call home and experience God, who does more than expected or imagined.

Even though God has given us a vision, it is still a walk of faith. Each step we take, God guides and provides. There is nothing like serving the Lord. Yes, challenges come, trials come; but in the end, the rewards outweigh it all.

My family is not secondary at all to this ministry but plays a big part in it. God has given them each gifts and talents to serve the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords and you as well. We find there is nothing more satisfying than serving God and serving others. I hope that New Birth Life Church is a place where you can find roots and also feel a sense of belonging. I am available if you have any questions, concerns or you just need prayer!

For His Glory,
Apostles Dan and Lynette Andrews


About Apostle Dan...

Here are some things I would like for you to know about me.

I received my biblical training and credentials through the Assemblies of God in which I was a minster for 8 years. I received an Associate’s Degree in biblical studies through Calvary Victory Bible Institute. My wife and I have worked with four other churches including one which was a church plant.

We are ordained with and the Founders of New Birth Life Church.

As the East Coast Regional Apostles, we look forward to networking and having I.C.A.L.M. as our covering. We have served in different ministries holding various positions. We have been, and still are, involved in missions, outreaches, and evangelism to our community and abroad. We are involved with the community also through sports and school activities.


The Andrews Family....