New Birth Life Center

Worship Team Ministry

           The purpose of the NBLC Worship Team is to use its vocal, instrumental, and technical abilities to exalt and magnify the LORD, not themselves; edify and encourage God’s people to worship the Lord; and prepare hearts to respond obediently to the proclamation of God’s Word.  Those who wish to participate in the Worship Team have accepted Jesus Christ  as their Lord and Savior. They are committed in their spiritual walk with God and  support the core values of the Church.

            Our Worship Team is faithful in their involvement with NBLC. They attend weekly rehearsals and have familial support regarding the time commitment required.  The Worship Team is about leading others in worshiping the Lord and requires teamwork as a single unit with a single purpose. Every member of the Worship Team uses his/her skills to enhance the ministry of the team as a whole as we lead God’s people in worship. Team members are ready to support anything that helps promote this spirit.

            The Worship Team is one of the most visible ministries of the church, and it is important that team members see themselves as representatives of the Lord Jesus and NBLC at all times, both inside and outside the walls of the Church.  In leading the congregation in worship, our Worship Team conducts themselves in a spirit of reverence, excellence in music, and true Christian joy.

            Every member of the Worship Team is committed to growing spiritually. As a leadership ministry, we are committed to maturing in Christ both individually and as a team. Those interested in music ministry should contact the Elder Steve.